Customs service.

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Are you trading with foreign countries? We offer you complex services by import and export of the goods from third countries, by processing of statistical data in terms of trade between EU Member States - Intrastat, using authorized software and electronic communication with customs office and free counsultancy of our profesional stuff.

Customs services

  • issuing of customs declaration (JSD, VDD ..)
  • representation in customs procedure
  • T1 in system NCTS
  • proof of origin and status of goods (EUR.1, A.TR, certificate)
  • completion of TIR Carnets, CMR waybills and other accompanying documents/li>
  • assuring of a customs debt

FTL celní služby


Intrastat is a system of data collection for monitoring the movement of goods between EU Member States. Duty to report Intrastat (monthly reports) have legal persons and natural persons in case they are registered or identified for VAT in the Czech Republic and shipped, or received goods from another Member State in the value of reaching amount CZK 8 million / year for both sending and reception.

We provide complete processing of a registration statement Intrastat reporting unit at customs office.


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Custom declaration

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