Service Volvo Prostějov.

Letecká 8, 796 23 Prostějov, Czech Republic

Service of year 2001, 2003, 2004

FTL servis VOLVO
FTL servis VOLVO
FTL servis VOLVO

Phone: +420 602 551 829

We provide
  • post-warranty service and repairs of all types of commercial vehicles of foreign brands, including buses (VOLVO, MAN, DAF..atd.)
  • repairs of vehicles after accidents - settlement of claims with contractual insurance companies
  • replacement of service charges and filters including their ecological disposal
  • diagnostics of individual vehicle components of all brands (diagnostics VOLVO, JALTEST)
  • repairs of SCR(AD Blue) systems
  • catalyst measurement, cleaning or replacement
  • repair of engines, transmissions, replacement of clutches and its components, adjustment and repair of brake systems
  • measurement and adjustment of axle geometry, replacement of shock absorbers, pins and other chassis parts
  • repairs of wiring and electrical systems
  • vehicle preparation for Vehicle inspection(STK), performing Vehicle inspection(STK), emission measurement of petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG emission systems
  • sales of original or alternative parts

Working hours
Mon - Fri :6.0022.00