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ing. Jaroslav HanákChief operating officer´s professional profile


ing. Jaroslav Hanák
born in 1952, more than 40 years working in the road traffic branch
major owner of the company



Professional history:

1977 - 1981 Financial and planning department of ČSAD Prostějov manager
1981 - 1986 Financial and planning department of ČSAD Brno manager, state-owned enterprise
1986 - 1990 Economic manager of ČSAD Brno, state-owned enterprise (12 000 employees)
1991 - till now Chairman of the board of director FTL - First Transport Lines a.s. Prostějov

Position in the field - functions:

1990 - 1992 Member of expert commission for privatization of road traffic in CR
1993 - 1994 Member of presidium of The Economic chamber in CR
1991 - 1995 Member of presidium of association Česmad and Česmad Bohemia
1991 - 2016 Vicepresident for passenger transport of association Česmad Bohemia
1991 - till now President of Association for traffic, forwarding and servicing firms in CR (ADSSF)
1991 - 2002 Vicepresident of Employers and businessmen association in traffic branch in CR (representing more than 120.000f of employers)
1994 - 2013 Member of committee for traffic of Economic commettee of Parlaiment CR
2001 - 2002 Vicechairman of board of trustees of Association for industry and traffic in CR (representing more than 1,0 milion of employers)
2001 - 2012
Member of the regional traffic commission district Olomouc
2001 - till now Member of regional council of employers district Olomouc - region tripartita
2003 - till now Member of RHSD CR
2003 - till now President of transport association of the Czech Republic (representing more than 150 thousands of employees)
2003 - 2007 Vicechairman of board of trustees of Association for industry and traffic in CR (representing more than 1,0 milion of employers)
2008 - 2010 1st Vicechairman of board of trustees of Association for industry and traffic in CR
2011 - till now President of Federation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic – the most significant entrepreneur-employer group in the CR, representing 31 branch federations, more then 11000 companies and more than 1.3 million employees
2011 - till now Vice chairman of the Council of Commercial and Social Treaty of the Czech Republic
2013 - till now Advisor to the President of the Czech Republic for industry, transport and building industry
2015 - till now Member of the Government Council for competitiveness and economic growth
2015 - till now Member of the Managing Board for endowment fund Bohemian Heritage Fund
2018 - till now Member of the Government Council for public investments

Position in branch- international function:

1995 - 2015 Member of financial commission of the world organization for road transporter IRU
1998 - 2015 Member of section for passenger traffic IRU
2001 - 2008 Vice-president of commission for current passenger traffic IRU
2005 - till now Member of the Committee for transport BUSINESS EUROPE
2008 - 2012
Member of presidium of International Road Transport Union IRU with its headquarters in Geneve


1994 and 1999 Successful manager of the year in Czech republic
2003 Honorary degree Manager of branch - Transport and transport services
2013 Laureate of the Platinum Award order, given by the Chamber of Commerce of Czech republic
2013 Elected a member of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic
2015 Medal of Christian J. Willenberg - the highest award of the Czech Association of Scientific Societies (CASTS)
2015 Medal of Jiří from Kunštát and Poděbrady, King of Bohemia, for his contribution in the field and the integration within Europe
2016 Honorary member of the Association Česmad Bohemia
2017 Introduced in the Hall of Fame of the Manager of the Year Award for contribution to the development of Czech management
2019 World Quality Commitment Award, including Smart City Development Award
2019 Co-founder of PRESTIGE PHILATELY CLUB PRAGUE - with no. 19 (max. historical number will be 50 club members)
2019 Milan(ITALY) – Honorary Professor Of The Academic Union – EBA Oxford
2019 Prague Castle – Action Czech TOP 100 – special award „Gentleman PRO“ for year 2019